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Your Guide to VPS Hosting on the Cloud

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a great way to get your business exposure and bring in customers for business. VPS Hosting can fit into any kind of website template and it can handle the potential masses that may patronize your website. VPS Hosting sites are a great solution for those who have too much information for a shared hosting service to handle, but do not require the resources of a dedicated server.


The primary feature of a virtual private server is the fact that it is indeed virtual. There are hard disks involved in the storage of the information, but the server itself is based in a virtual world. Dedicated servers contain as many virtual private servers as they can handle. Each VPS is given a set amount of RAM and disk space on this dedicated server and the clients renting or who have purchased these servers are given all of the benefits of owning their own dedicated server without actually doing so.

Unfortunately VPS are usually limited in their CPU power. All of the virtual private servers contained on the dedicated server must share this CPU power. To counteract this issue, the disk space for a virtual private server is often around 30 GB and the average RAM for a VPS is 512 MB. This will almost certainly ensure your site and server will run smoothly and without problems.


One of the great things about VPS is that you get complete control. You can not only customize your website, but you can customize the server as well. You are allowed to edit and delete files that are built into the virtual hard drive in order to install your own. You can even choose your own version of a control panel in order to make your server run more to your liking. The customization alone is enough to make your head swim with the possibilities.


You have no need to worry about the other VPS clients on your dedicated server. Each VPS is protected from the others. If one falls, the others stand strong. Hackers or viruses that infect one of the virtual servers will be stopped by the dual firewalls separating the two virtual servers. This makes your information, your disk space and your RAM completely safe from back end attacks from virtual terrorism.


All in all, VPS hosting is definitely something to consider. It can provide you with all of the joys of owning your own server without any of the woes of dealing with technical hardware issues. This can be the greatest benefit of all.