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What is The Right DDoS Protection Service For Your Organization

A cyberattack can render your system inoperable, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Instead of a single attack, there are now distributed attacks in which many attacks are made on a key point in a system. These distributed attacks, called Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS) cause this key point to overload, attempting to handle a flood of attacks at once, which forces operations to cease.

DDoS attacks cost your company in lost revenue, lost resources, financial damages to customers, and damage to your company’s reputation.

DDoS protection and anti-DDoS services

New strategies are being developed to counter the rise in DDoS attacks. One strategy is to identify incoming traffic so that healthy network traffic can be separated from human-like bots and hijacked web browsers. Human-like bots are automated tasks or scripts that allow someone with criminal intent to perform routine tasks such hunting for passwords repetitively in a short period of time. Combinations of bots are called botnets.

Typical anti-virus software does not offer a solid defense. Some companies are using more sophisticated software such as Radware and CloudFare.

DDoS security as a service

Many companies are relying on cloud-based providers that are experienced in DDoS protection. These data centers are better equipped to keep abreast of the latest types of attacks and have the resources and skills to provide defense than the individual, non-data center company can. Additionally, data centers are better equipped to avoid the single congestion points that are the targets of these DDoS attacks.

Some of the tasks that a data center can assist in defending against DDoS attacks are:

  • Detecting that a DDoS attack exists.
  • Controlling network traffic away from the DDoS target site.
  • Notifying your company that an attack has occurred so the company can implement disaster recovery strategies until the attacker is defeated.
  • Using proactive strategies to minimize attacks.
  • Combatting known types of attacks when they occur.

It may be tempting for companies to attempt to handle these attacks in house, but the cost can be quite expensive. Even if your IT department has the technical knowledge required, extra security requires extra bandwidth, which is quite costly. Data centers can apportion these costs to multiple clients and are better equipped to handle the increased security measures than private companies.

What is the right DDoS protection service for your organization?

Choosing the right DDos Service can be difficult. IT departments should ask their data centers a few questions, such as:

  • What is the cost of the service?
  • What disaster recovery plans are in place?
  • How will the service be deployed?
  • Will the addition of the service slow down performance?
  • How will the company be notified?
  • What experience does the data center have in handling cyberattacks?
  • How are they keeping current with the latest types of attacks?
  • What records can be kept to prosecute wrongdoers?

Speak with a Volico DDoS consultant today

Don’t wait until a cyber attack occurs. Just one attack can have a tremendous negative impact on your business. As the criminals get smarter, you have to be more prepared. There are ways to prepare for DDoS attacks, but the right infrastructure must be in place and qualified experts need to be handling that infrastructure. To prepare now, call Volico at 888-865-4261 and speak with our cybersecurity staff.