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What Can You Run On Your VPS?

Almost anything you are able to run on a dedicated server can be run on your VPS. You can easily install any application the distributor’s vendor makes available. Or you can compile and configure your own applications. Customers commonly use the following applications on our VPS plans. On the Red Hat based distributions many of them are pre-installed.

  1. OpenSSH for Root Login. Comonly used for Secure remote shell access
  2. Apache Web Server.  The world’s most popular web server
  3. Tomcat/JBoss J2EE Server
  4. Tomcat Servlet Engine
  5. Jetty Servlet Engine
  6. Sendmail/Exim/QMail Mail Servers
  7. FTP Server
  8. BIND, Domain Name Server
  9. PostgeSQL Database Servers
  10. MySQL Database Server, version 5.x by default
  11. Webmin Control Panel
  12. Plesk Control Panel
  13. Web-based File Management
  14. Webalizer Graphical Site Statistic