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Unmetered Hosting, Traffic & Bandwidth Guide

Larger websites require additional resources. They need more bandwidth transfer because they have both more content and more visitors than smaller websites.

They can’t afford to pay the overages that some hosts make them pay, nor can they afford to have their websites forced down temporarily until their bandwidth cap resets. To do so would require that they turn away clients and customers, which in turn would result in a large amount of losses for an arbitrary reason.

That’s where the idea of unmetered hosting enters the scene. It allows for businesses like your own to have as much bandwidth as you might need, which in turn allows as many visitors as you expect to view your content to their hearts’ desires.

Metered Versus Unmetered Dedicated Hosting

The innate challenge faced by websites requiring more bandwidth transfer is that they have significantly more visitors each month than other websites or more content that must be viewed to understand a particular idea.

This leads them to have websites that are visited more by users. More content must be delivered, which puts a heightened strain on the servers used for hosting.

With budget web hosts, this is why tracking traffic is one of the most common priorities. It supersedes security, support and everything else that you might need to ensure your website stays up to ensure that the websites of other clients stay accessible.

The difference between metered and unmetered hosting is that the latter is far more robust. It has the hardware, software, support and security required to stay accessible a majority of the time.

As one of the leaders in providing unmetered dedicated hosting to clients, Volico excels in every of those fields. We provide our consumers with the highest degree of security that conforms to military protocols for both physical and digital access, 99.999% reliability that leads to just minutes of downtime a month and robust server hardware built only with the latest technologies.

This allows us to provide you with unmetered dedicated servers that meet and exceed any requirements you might have for your website to ensure that it stays accessible no matter what happens.