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The 5 Best Magento Hosting Companies Compared

When choosing the best Magento Hosting or Magento 2 hosting to host a small/medium sized Magento store, I always try to find out which company offers customer the most value. In my opinion, there are 4 things that make up a best host.

  • Hosting performance, including: Load speed, uptime, ability to handle concurrent requests.
  • Magento specialized tool
  • Support: Knowledge, speed and reliability of support on hosting problems and common Magento problem
  • Pricing: Price / value, Cheap and Affordable Magento with decent power.

In this best Magento hosting comparison and reviews, I conducted a detailed comparison of 5 most popular Magento hosting companies that are being used by many Magento site owners. I will keep extending this list so that Magento website owners will have a trusted resource for choosing best Magento hosting. This is the comparison table, we will go in detail in the next parts.

5 best Magento hosting companies compared

Obviously, having the best performance doesn’t make a host the best Magento host, but it’s certainly one of the most important factors for handling a Magento site. Therefore, I will go in detail on each hosting company, focus mainly on their performance, including Latency test and Load and stress test, I hope the data from here will be valuable to your Magento hosting research.

  • Latency test: We check how fast a Magento hosting is by checking time interval between user request and server response. We use locaping to test min and max latency from different locations around the world.
  • Load and Stress test: We check how strong and stable a Magento hosting is by constantly and steadily increasing the load on the hosting until it reaches the threshold limit. We use loadimpact to test how Magento hosting can handle an increasing number of concurrent users.