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Should use Web Hosting In Canada?

Canada is becoming increasingly popular as the place in North America to host all types of websites, and for good reason. Here are a list of reasons why hosting in Canada is a better choice in many cases than hosting in let’s say the USA.

1.) Privacy Laws

On January 1st 2014 Canada passed some very strict privacy laws meant to align with privacy laws in Europe. Data stored in Canada is immune from the Patriot Act and out of reach of American authorities. Your data and privacy is better protected in Canada.

2.) Internet Connectivity

Canada has very high quality internet that is tightly integrated with US and European backbones, making for great connectivity in Canada, the USA, and even parts of Europe.

3.) Green Power

Canada generates  over 1/2 of it’s hydro through hydro electric dams that have been designed for minimal environmental impact. Our Canadian servers are hosted in a Green Datacenter that is powered purely by hydro from a hydroelectric dam. In addition the datacenters innovative design uses natural airflow for cooling and greatly cuts down on power consumption.

4.) SEO Benefits

It is staggering how many Canadian businesses use web hosting from another country. Hosting your site in Canada improves your ranking in Google through improved speeds. You also gain ranking in any local search engines.