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Web Hosting Glossaries

The internet is the best way to connect with others and spread knowledge and information. Almost every successful business or company these days has a website to promote their products and services. If you are interested in starting a website, you’ll need to use a web hosting service to keep ...

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Benefits of Root Access Web Hosting?

With most shared web hosting plans, Root Access is simply not available. The reason is due to the level of access given to the root account. The root account has unlimited access to all files, folders, and system configuration settings. Root Access is required to start services on ports below ...

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Is SSD Storage Right For Your Business

Unless your desktop, laptop or tablet is one of the newest models, you are likely operating on a traditional HHD storage system. This spinning hard drive is the basic permanent storage system for PC’s and essentially is comprised of a spinning metal disk with a magnetic coating. This coating is ...

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What is The Right DDoS Protection Service For Your Organization

A cyberattack can render your system inoperable, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Instead of a single attack, there are now distributed attacks in which many attacks are made on a key point in a system. These distributed attacks, called Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS) cause this ...

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How Does a Good Hosting Company Help Secure Your Website?

Website owners who don’t take proactive steps to protect themselves against security threats leave their websites vulnerable to malicious attackers and thieves. Security is important in the digital world, and you need to make sure that your website is hosted with a company that takes hosting security seriously. A web ...

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