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Customized Cloud Migration Solutions For Your Business

As the Internet is responsible for supporting more and more of a company’s operations, cloud computing has risen in popularity and utilization. Today nearly every company utilizes cloud technology for basics like email hosting and online banking. For many businesses, the cost of meeting their ever growing IT needs in-house has simply become unrealistic, and migrating to the cloud is the most cost-effective way to meet their needs without compromising data security.

Companies looking to take their cloud computing use to the next level are often swayed by the financial benefits, increased security protocols and global competitiveness. Furthermore, what is most appealing to companies is the ability to customize cloud computing packages to meet its needs while operating on a pay as you use model. Today’s cloud hosting providers understand that every business is a unique entity with unique needs and, therefore, offer a host of services for companies to pick and choose from. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons for migrating your network to a cloud.

Top Three Reasons For Migrating To The Cloud

Flexibility: Today’s growing businesses need the ability to scale up and down with little notice. Cloud computing provides unbeatable, cost-effective scalability capabilities. With most providers operating on a pay as you use model, companies are given the flexibility to pay for what they need and leave the rest – with the option to scale up or down at a moment’s notice.

Disaster Recovery Protection: Cloud computing offers affordable and easy to manage data backup and disaster recovery services to small businesses struggling to protect their data without exceeding their budget.

Remote Capabilities: One of the primary advantages of cloud computing is the ability to work remotely from any location through an easily accessible cloud platform. For smaller businesses, this means reducing costs of housing and maintaining a staff daily and, for larger businesses, this offers the ability to meet customer needs and grow your business from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

Clearly, cloud computing offers a host of advantages for businesses of all sizes. To learn about cloud hosting services and how to customize a package to best meet your business’s needs while remaining within your budget, call a Volico customer service representative today at 888-865-4261 to review your options and get started.