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Benefits of Root Access Web Hosting?

With most shared web hosting plans, Root Access is simply not available. The reason is due to the level of access given to the root account. The root account has unlimited access to all files, folders, and system configuration settings. Root Access is required to start services on ports below 1024; you also need it if you want to compile and install programs or add modules to existing programs. In many ways, the root account on a Unix-like operating system is similar to the administrator account on Microsoft Windows.

Before the advent of the VPS technology, the only way to get root hosting was to purchase a web hosting plan on a dedicated server. Since you are the only user of that server, you can have unlimited access without affecting other users. The problem with this approach is the cost: dedicated servers can be very expensive whether you purchase one outright and pay for bandwidth usage or purchase monthly web hosting plan.

Our virtual private servers are an ideal solution for users seeking Root Access without the expense of a dedicated server. Our technology uses a specialized version of the Linux operating system that gives each user on a particular server their own operating system. Users enjoy the same level of unlimited Root Access but at much lower price than a dedicated server.